VitaPulse Review: Read Shocking Side Effects First!!

VitaPulse Review – A key to the good health?

Whenever there is the matter of health supplements, no one is ready to take any risk and so do I. I had been searching the supplements in this regard for a long time. I was seeking for a product that is safe, effective as well as affordable. Finally, my search came to an end when I found VitaPulse; it was exactly the same as I was expecting.

Princeton Nutrients had manufactured this great product after carrying out detailed research, tests and evaluations. Princeton Nutrients, LLC is situated in Woodland Hills, California. Don’t be confused with the name, Princeton Nutrients is not related to the Princeton University in any way.



Coming back to the review of VitaPulse, it is a natural supplement helpful to provide you advanced antioxidant support so that you are better able to maintain cholesterol levels and cardio functions. Besides that, you will feel an instant boost in your cellular energy and mitochondrial health and ultimately, there will be a decrease in inflammation while protecting your body against cellular damage. As far as my research is concerned, VitaPulse is also helpful for protecting you from heart diseases that is the most common cause of deaths all over the world. Even after making the detailed research, I could hardly find any aren’t any sort of side effects associated to this product.

I personally consider VitaPulse as a ticket to keep me away from heart diseases. But am I thinking in the right direction! Let’s evaluate it step by step.

What is the composition of VitaPulse?

I was amazed when I checked the composition of this product; it had been comprised of just three components:

CoQ10 100mg

PQQ Na2 10mg

NAC 250mg

It is good to check the benefits of all the ingredients individually so we get a better idea of what we are going to buy. CoQ10 is basically an oxidant that plays a great role in protecting your body cells from damage. Coenzyme Q10 is used in the medicines manufactured to treat heart failure, periodontal diseases, muscular dystrophy and cancer. People also use it to overcome the side effects of other medicines they might be taking.

Pyrrologuinoline guinone(PQQ) is actually a very small molecule holding the antioxidant effect; it acts as a REDOX agent and then it recycles back into the active form of glutathione. Research shows that it is good for the aged people as it plays positive neuroprotective role. Besides that, it also plays inflammatory role.

NAC is an abbreviation of n-acetyl cysteine and it is basically derived from l-cysteine, an important amino acid working as the protein building block. NAC is the most commonly used antioxidant and it is also considered as an effective cancer prevention tool.

Health professionals recommend 1.2 grams of NAC to take on daily basis for the optimum benefits and even less than ¼ of this amount has been included in the VitaPulse. Besides that, the quantity of CoQ10 included in this product is100 mg while the recommended dose ranges between 50mg to 1200mg so this product is definitely suitable because of being on the lower end of spectrum.


How VitaPulse will benefit you?

For all those who are not really familiar with the benefits associated with antioxidants, antioxidants are actually involved in targeting the oxidations together with free radicals within your body. However some sort of oxidation can harm you on the flip side for example, it may lead to the greater chances of diseases and can create the effects of aging in your body. Hence to keep in mind the positive side of oxidation, VitaPulse has basically focused on providing the following benefits:

Reduce Inflammation

Improve Cholesterol Levels

Helpful in the maintenance of Cardiovascular Functionality

Protects the Cellular Damage in your body

Great for Mitochondrial Health


Potential VitaPulse Side Effects

Users always prefer to use the health products containing as much less ingredients as possible and Vita Pulse is entirely composed of just 3 ingredients hence preferable by the users. However the single and the most commonly observed disorder of this supplement is the digestive upset. Some of the users have also reported headache, rashes, low blood pressure, and fever and liver problems. The causes to these disorders are still unknown but it is may be because of the over dosage.

Additionally, Princeton Nutrients, LLC or VitaPulse had not yet been listed by the Better Business Bureau as per our research held in 2015. It might be because of the fact that the company as well as the product was new at that time.

How is Dr. Arash Bereliani serving Princeton Nutrients?

Dr. Arash Bereliani is a board certified cardiologist who is the most associated individual with this amazing supplement and he is working in the Beverly Hills Institute for Cardiology & Preventive Medicine where he is specialized in health optimization services, integrative cardiology and internal medicine. Additionally, Dr. Bereliani is also working as the director of research in Princeton Nutrients and in Medicine and Cardiology at UCLA; he is the Assistant Clinical Professor.

Dr. Bereliani has been using functional medicine in Beverly Hills Institute for Cardiology & Preventive Medicine so as to serve the patients of chronic diseases, root illnesses and genetics and he is also engaged in providing nutrition therapy. On the basis of his best services in these areas, he is considered as the logical choice to assist Princeton Nutrients in bringing the top quality supplement that is VitaPulse to the huge number of people.

Many of us have even noticed Dr. Bereliani’s views in different channels and in different videos related to the role of VitaPulse in boosting the overall health of human beings.

VitaPulse Pricing plus Refund policy:

The prices of this supplement are as follows:

1 bottle having 30 capsules costs $49 plus $3.95 S&H

3 bottles cost $127 with free shipping

6 bottles cost $235 with free shipping

You will be provided with a 60-day refund policy minus S&H charges on all the purchases of VitaPulse. There are the chances that any of you may not satisfy while using this product. Hence no need to worry, refund option is definitely available, just contact Princeton nutrients anytime if you don’t feel good with their services.

 Does VitaPulse improvesheart health?

Some ingredients of this supplement are helpful in protecting your heath health and evidences have proven its importance for the improvement of your health.

However it is recommended to consult any doctor or physician before making any order even for any health product and so for VitaPulse.


On the basis of my experience as well as research, I highly recommend this amazing and effective supplement as it will boost your energy together with overall brain performance. A far as the website is concerned, I didn’t find any signs of being it scam as there were many customers sharing their positive experience with this product. Hence it is considered to be trustworthy and so its products are reliable to use.



Disclosure: This is a paid, third-party advertorial. The author receives compensation from the manufacturer of this product.

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